The “Casale”

The “Casale”, situated in the heart of the property, is a precious witness of this bi-millennial history. A splendid rural building of the Middle Age stands partly on the remainders of a patrician villa dating back to the 1st century and partly over an intact, ancient Roman twin water tank.

Through Latin inscriptions found on the spot, historians have made the hypothesis that the property had belonged to the gens of a certain Valerius Festus Priscus and to one Curtius Crispinus Arruntianus who lived during Emperor Hadrian’s reign and whose family had been holding a number of important public offices since late Republican times, over 100 years earlier.


Set up your Meetings at the “Casale”


In the “Casale”, the main reception room, a full 150 sq. m. and several additional representation rooms are superbly geared to host events, meetings, workshops, business dinners, tastings & samplings. Take advantage, for a few hours, of the fascinating atmosphere of this ancient manor and enjoy the vast terrace garden, surrounded by century-old trees and facing a skyline stretching from Rome to the Monti Tiburtini! The spacious, internal reception room can host up to 120 guests.

During the warm season, cocktails may take place outside, in the open air or under an awning.


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