The Vineyards


Carlo Micara’s vineyards are situated on the hills of Colle Mattia, an area to the East of the official “Frascati” D.O.C. (i.e. certified denomination of origin) Wines Consortium territory. The property covers 26 hectares and harbours both vineyards and olive groves. Its favourable exposure and the volcanic nature of the ground warrant unremitting characteristics of excellence to the crops.


Twenty Centuries of Vine-Growing and Wine-Producing Culture


The vine-growing and wine-producing vocation of those hills is as old as over 2,000 years. As far back as 200 A.D., Roman historian Julius Capitolinus, Emperor Caracalla’s biographer, writes about the area’s famous local grapes when he reports about the Emperor’s love for fruits, always eaten on an empty stomach, and his special order for centum persica Campana, et melones Ostienses decem, et uvam Labicanam pondo viginti (twenty pounts, i.e. over six kg, of Labicana grapes typical of that area).


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